About us

Teqtix Phenolic Solutions is an independent manufacturer of closed cell phenolic block foam, manufactured in the Netherlands. At Teqtix Phenolic Solutions we take pride in our products which are manufactured to the highest quality.

Members of the experienced team of Teqtix Phenolic Solutions have already been working in the phenolic foam industry from the early days when the material was introduced in the Europe in the mid 80s. From building experience managing the first European factory for laminated closed cell phenolic foam in the Netherlands to maturing the product from its experimental phase to the product is has become today; one of the best thermal insulators available in the market.

Thanks to method of manufacturing in block format at the manufacturing location in Oosterhout,  the Netherlands, we are able to tailor the products to meet the customer demands. The blend of extensive experience and young driven team members keep us triggered to set ourselves the goal to continues raise the bar in better quality, reliability and customer satisfaction.