Product description

The Teqtix Insulphen product range includes an extensive range of closed cell structure phenolic foam targeted to deliver the highest thermal insulation value. The Insulphen product range is available in various dimensions and densities. All products have been developed to meet certain legislation and/or specification.

Lower densities are designed to deliver the highest thermal insulation performance with an initial thermal conductivity of 0,021 W/m.K*1 and delivers an excellent fire behavior with a BL -s1,d0 in accordance with the EN13501-1 as laminated pipe insulation.

Higher densities typically offer higher strength and fire resistance whilst compromising some of the thermal conductivity. Still these products outperform nearly all of the insulation products in the market.

All products in the Teqtix Insulphen product range are manufactured using the latest production technology and meeting the toughest standards. Insulphen is manufactured as block type insulation in large dimensions of 2500x1000x600-900 mm or 2400x1200x600-900 mm

*1 = height of block is linked to density.

Block type insulation based on closed cell phenolic foam.

Typical  applications:

  • Pipe insulation for the HVAC market;
  • Pipe supports from high densities;
  • Thermal insulation board with high dimensional tolerances;
  • Fire resistant core material in doors and composite panels;
  • General technical insulation of tanks, ducts, vessels and installations.


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Product information

At Teqtix Phenolic Solutions we believe that the best method for reducing energy consumption is saving energy loss by efficient thermal insulation. Phenolic foam is offering the best thermal conductivity, leading to energy savings. Thanks to a Lambda (λ) value after aging of 0,024 W/mK at ambient temperature the insulation thickness can be highly reduced or energy savings realized. The high thermal efficiency is achieved due to the fine pore size and closed cell structure. Higher density Insulphen is known deliver higher strengths but have a slightly lower thermal performance, but still outperforms most of the traditional insulation materials known.

Fire performance

Teqtix Insulphen offers unparalleled firebehavior and fireresistance compared to other thermal insulation products. In fire resistance application Insulphen can withstand extreme high temperatures and maintains a significant of it load bearing capacities.

Insulphen does not have a melting temperature like most of the thermoplastic insulation materials and inorganic insulation materials like glass- and mineral wool.

In case of fire material is transformed in a carbonized layer which are protecting deeper layers of the material.

Most casualties in a fire are actually the result of the smoke density and toxicity. Insulphen has an extreme low smoke production compared to other types of insulation foam. In case of fire the optical smoke density stays much lower allowing people to find the emergency exits and allowing them to escape.

With a Eurocla

ss of BL -s1,d0 as aluminium faced pipe insulation it is one of the safest insulation materials for the use inside buildings.

Teqtix Insulphen contributes in saving energy and minimizing global footprint. The energy and raw material consumption for the production are a fraction of the energy saving potential of the final product. Teqtix Insulphen is manufactured using (H-)CFC free blowing agents.

Basically there are 3 forms minimizing energy consumption:

  1. Minimize the energy consumption by minimizing energy loss.
  2. Using sustainable sources of energy like wind-, hydro-, and solar-energy.
  3. Maximize efficiency of the used fossil fuels in systems for heat, ventilation and air conditioning.

At Teqtix, we believe that the cleanest form of energy is saved energy…

In applications which require load bearing capacity, compressive strength of the insulation material is vital. Due to the fine cell structure we offer the high compressive strengths which further increase with the density. Insulphen in high density is commonly used for pipe support and structural sandwich panels.

Closed cell content

In significant temperature drops condensation is always a risk. Condensation, leading to water entrapment, will degrade the insulation properties. When insulating cold medium in warm environment with high humidity moisture entrapment and using open cell insulation material, even though the use of vapour barriers like aluminum facings, is even more likely. With a closed cell content of more than 95% Insulphen minimizes moisture entrapment and maintains its insulating properties.


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